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A single mattress clean starts from ONLY 

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Whether you’re responsible for the health of yourself and your close family, or for an entire hotel or hospital of customers or patients, healthy sleeping conditions are  an important concern. 


We achieve complete mattress sanitation. Our first class cleaning equipment utilises deep steam cleaning with extraction. As the name of the method suggests, the steam penetrates deep into the body of the mattress. This means 99% of all bacteria and allergens are terminated and extracted by the powerful motors of the machine. The mattress is left completely sanitized and fresh.

✓ Urine, blood and general staining removal – perfect for families with small children and pets – thanks to the professional 100% Eco-friendly cleaning solutions we are able to efficiently remove hard stains from your mattress.

✓ Pesticide treatment – due to the outstanding power of the professional machines we use, the water-detergent mixture is getting heated up to 85°C and sprayed into the material under high pressure – this combination is lethal for all bacteria, germs and bed bug mites.

 Odor treatments - The efficiency of our service is unrivaled – We guarantee the complete removal of strong odours that originate from your mattress. We guarantee that after our visit your mattress will smell like a brand new one!